2016-01-25 Mon

Clear Thinking

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Stephan Dion calls this “Successful”.

Five years as a prisoner and then Colin Rutherford is released. The one day that he was released represents about 0.055% of his time in captivity. I wouldn’t call that a successful percentage, myself.

Five years as a prisoner represents almost 20% of his life at the time he was arrested (at age 26, we are told). If we take his age now as being 31, then he has spent 16% of his life in prison.

I don’t call that successful either.


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I have titled this “Observations” rather than Clear Thinking because, well, it’s all about what we observe.

In the City of Toronto we observe public projects that are left 95% complete (I’m being generous here).

Fencing is erected to partition off an area where work will take place, but no work takes place. The fenced area might be lucky enough to have some construction materials dumped within, but that just makes it a dump.

Orange Cones are erected to partition off an area where work has been done but no-one can be bothered to repave the road or the sidewalk.

Construction sites close off the regular sidewalk then dump a few cubic yards of concrete slurry and call it a sidewalk, but is really an extension of The Great Laurentian Shield – an ugly rocky area peppered with puddles, because it is not a properly constructed sidewalk.

Then of course there’s all the mud that the dump trucks cart out of the construction sites in their wheel treads.

The City of Toronto employs contractors who make the entire city look like a dump.\No wonder people then treat it like a dump.

New York city learned some 20 or 30 years ago that if they kept the subways clean and erased graffiti as soon as it was formed, then people treated the subway as a clean system and kept it that way.

Even the Toronto Transit Commission got enthusiastic a few years back about cleaning out subway cars on-the-fly at the terminal stations. It seemed to work.

Toronto City does the opposite: it PAYS contractor to turn the city into a mess, and then we see complaints about a bubble-gum wrapper.

P.S. Truly there is litter on the streets, none of it necessary; truly people litter the streets. But it’s hard to get everyone to be neat when the city is the worst offender, and shows that it just doesn’t care.