2016-01-23 Sat


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So a bridge failed in a location that can be described as “roughly half-way along the northern shore of Lake Superior”.

We have had the usual rot-headlines of which “Canada cut in half” is a mild form.

There is always, of course, the railway line which was built to keep us all together as a nation (or at least, to inhibit British Columbia’s secession) and so FWIW good can still be carried by train. Even trucks can be carried by train, at least, they were carrying trucks by train across Australia back in the 1950s.

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And we have the usual let’s-not-point-the-finger game, also known as it’s-too-early-to-blame-the-engineers game.

I find myself wondering who gave the authority to demolish the old bridge before the new bridge had proved itself worthy of two seriously severe winter storms.

In computing projects we call it Parallel Running; you don’t get rid of the old system until everyone is confident that the new system works.

More to the point, I can’t understand why the old bridge should be demolished anyway. Give it a good hose-down to remove the last traces of last winter’s road-salting, maybe spray it with some hair-varnish from cans.

It must have cost a small fortune to lug all that demolition crew and equipment that far north.

“Small Fortune” by comparison to the losses suffered by motorists who had almost reached the Nipissing bridge and then had to retrace their steps AND go home to get their passport documents that would allow them to travel through the USA.

Guns in America

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Only citizens of the USA can understand this business of Carrying and Storing Guns “Just because”.

I think there should be a Dictionary, even Noah Webster’s Dictionary at a pinch, in every home in the USA so that citizens can read up what is meant by “Well” and “Regulated” and Militia”.

It doesn’t say anything at all about storing a gun in your Bedside Table, in your Purse, or underneath your Drivers Seat.