2016-01-21 Thu

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

Continuing the series based on Toronto City Council’s new release of its ecology calendar, which has so many holes that it should be renamed the ecology colander

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If 50% of the waste you produce in your home is organic, then 50% of the trucks that threaten to run me over as I walk residential streets are hauling organic waste.

So can I say that 50% of the resources the city sinks into organic waste is effectively just dumping money into a pit?

I maintain that most household can process their own organic waste in vermicomposters.

And yes, most households would need a spare apartment to house the vermicomposter that can cope with their organic waste.

Which is a sign that we consume too much stuff. Or more correctly, we purchase stuff that we can never consume.

Upstream: Reduce your excessive purchase of food stuffs.

Clear Thinking

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If 35% of Police Shootings arise when someone is confronted with a (presumably Police) Pistol pointed at them, then how do the other 65% of police shootings arise?

I assume here that “police shooting” is defined as an incident where one or more police officers draw their pistols and let off one or more rounds each.

I get that 35% of these events arise through Confrontation.

Back to those other 65%. Do they arise from NON-Confrontation?