2016-01-30 Sat

Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

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So there I was in the Toronto Public Library (Yorkville Branch) minding my own business. I had collected six items on Hold that were waiting for me.

And then on the Books For Sale table I spotted a new book – Bill Bryson’s latest (2015, but still ...) and $35 PLUS TAX in the bookstores.

Mine for only $2.

Why is the Toronto Public Library tossing out a brand new book?

Well, the previous borrower, Bless Them, had damaged the spine.


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Did I mention that I had just collected six items that were waiting for me?

That means six elastic bands holding six slips of paper (“Shopping List Paper” now) around the six items.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN3587.JPG

Did I mention that I own a bottle of wood glue and can squeeze white glue out of the spout and into the spine? Well I do, and I can. And I did!

Three hours later I was happily ignoring the six items I’d been waiting for and was half-way through my latest addition to my Bill Bryson collection.

How I love the Toronto Public Library!


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Call me a pedant but ... if it is a Well Known Fact that horses will run back to, and probably stay in, a barn that is on fire, then it would seem to me that a self-contained sprinkler system (with its own local water supply) IS required for such a business as stabling racehorses which probably cost about a million percent more than the cost of an industrial sprinkler system hooked up by wireless to the three nearest fire brigades AND a few cell-phones (such as your ten nearest neighbours).

Unless your plan is to cash in on the insurance, in which case you should disconnect the system before getting someone to torch the barn. And by definition the horses.