2016-01-15 Fri

Clear Thinking

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Letís see if I have got this right: If we regulate marijuana so that you can buy it legally if you are Of Age, then those of us who are underage will not be able to buy it legally.

Which is the case now for pretty well everyone who is buying marijuana in the city/province/state/country.

The illegal structure is already in place and has been refining its activities for, oh, say Fifty Years.

With very little overhead.

Now we will set up an alternate channel, with high overhead (Salaries, benefits, holiday pay, pensions, ...) in a few stores scattered across the city/province/state/country and see if our relatively few stores can out a huge number of stairwells and parking lots and fast-food booths out of business.

Frankly, if I were getting a good deal on, say, fresh fruit from a local mom-and-pop store Iíd not be tempted away by a huge supermarket with higher prices.

I donít know about you ...


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You just know that there is more to this story than can be reported in your Local Daily Press; and weíll likely never hear the true or full story.

Yes. Itís a Conspiracy Theory Iím proposing.

Who in their right mind takes a 5-month old girl out to be mutilated?

Five months old.

Still being fed from a bottle.

Too young to make a conscious decision about mutilation.

And too young to articulate pain.

Except by life-threatening screams.