2016-01-14 Thu


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I laughed as I walked past this store on my way to a lunchtime concert, and I laughed on the way back.

Too, I laughed with the lady behind the counter who seemed to be as happy that I’d taken a photo as if I’d splurged hundreds of dollars on cards and paper and other stuff.

Clear Thinking

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Talk about “Out Of The Mouths Of Babes And Sucklings”!

Ms Wilson is a shooting instructor, so let’s assume that she knows more about guns than do I. let’s assume too that in her Copious Free she reads reports on guns as much as I read books on, oh, DNA, Galaxies, Computers and so on.

In short, let’s assume that she knows what she’s talking about.

She is clued in.

She is clued in to a fact that if she engages in a gun battle, at least one vital part of here is likely to be hit with at least one bullet.

So Ms Wilson, our expert, concedes that carrying and using a gun (and you can’t use a gun unless you are carrying a gun) puts your own life in danger.

Not to mention the lives of those around you.

Or inside you.

I rest my case!