2016-01-10 Sun


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I skim the circus that is Trump-politics with not much more than a passing interest.

If you are fascinated by this manís sudden leap into the presidential spotlight, pick up a copy of John Grishamís novel ďThe BrethrenĒ.

It is fiction but I believe it is based on John Grishamís knowledge of and experience in how politics in the USA can be manipulative.

Especially the power of Advertising Dollars.


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It is not really true that it is easier to get into The Capitol in Austin Texas with a gun than without one.

What appears to be true is this: There are two line-ups for entry; one line-up for those who openly declare their possession of a gun, and one line-up for those, and it seems like a large majority, who declare that they do not carry a gun.

This is somewhat like to two lines at immigration Ė one for resident nationals and one for foreigners; you will find these lines at airports in the USA, in Canada in the UK and most other places to which Iíve flown.

When a significant proportion Ė say 90% - of people move through one line-up, then their progress can sometimes be slower. Although on my latest entry to the UK, it seemed to me that the immigration officer sized me up as I walked the twenty feet from the yellow line to the officer; my delay was about five seconds.

For all that I find the USA odd in its permissiveness towards gun ownership I am not sure that the shorter line-up (for those who profess to carrying at least one gun) suffers no inspection.

Indeed it is not at all clear to me that the passage through the shorter line would take any less time than passage through the longer line.