2016-01-07 Thu

Clear Thinking

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The debate rages on, and I do mean rage; OED: “Fierce or violent anger” which is weird when you consider what these letter-writers are arguing against!

A little swat on the bum from time to time is a little swat on the bum from time to time. A little swat on the bum is corrective action to remind the child that inappropriate behaviour has been noticed and that it is not admired and should be avoided in future. This is no different from a corrective hand on the tiller or wheel of a oat or ship.

I do not see a parent who cares for a child enough to steer the child on a safe course as being dominating, humiliating and damaging”. I further suspect that these letter-writers would become more fierce and more angry when their possessions are stolen by children who were not taught at an early age that stealing is bad.

Further I don’t see spanking as crude (I mean of course, spanking of children as a corrective method; I can’t speak for spanking carried out between consenting adults or English members of parliament).

It is BECAUSE children are the most vulnerable members of society that we insist that they hold our hand when crossing the road (a form or Corporal Restraint if ever there was one), that they eat their vegetables, that they go to school, and so on.


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I don’t get it. If Fetal-Alcohol-Syndrome is such a bad thing, how can mood-changing drugs be a good thing for small children.

Let alone adults.