2016-01-02 Sat

Clear Thinking

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Back in the days when I watched TV, they ran these Wildlife Documentary shows.

There was always a Lioness swatting one of her troublesome cubs with a paw.

The cubs never (as far as I know) grew up to be Troubled Adults.

Back in the days before we had TV I got a whack if I damaged the furniture; I stopped Damaging the Furniture.

Some of my friends would argue that I grew up to be a troubled adult.

I also remember that the monologue from my parents went like this:-

(1) Don’t do that

(2) If you do that again you’ll get the strap

(3) (sound of strap whistling through the air)

Say what you like, but I learned and was taught not to do Anti-Social Things, and I have not the scars to prove it.

Clear Thinking

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Here’s what I think:-

(1) Young people generally have a more permissive attitude towards everything, starting with breast-feeding and diaper-changing through a roof-over-my-head and education and on towards spending money they’ve earned once they get a job. That is why many nations (“societies”) have implemented compulsory pension schemes. Even middle-aged sober citizens often enough don’t have the sense to save for their retirement (“non-earning”) days.

Compelling people NOT to spend all their money is seen as a Good Thing, as are many other compulsions NOT to do something.

That might include NOT smoking marijuana.

(2) According to Bozinoff (he conducted a survey? A study? Conducted by telephone? In a down-town bar? Nightclub? Local church last Sunday?) the percentage of potential users jumps five percent if marijuana is legalized.

Supposing, just suppose (humour me on this one) that marijuana is a mood-altering substance, a relaxant, and that it relaxes car-drivers who become less concerned about what’s going on outside their head and are - as a consequence - involved in collisions on the road.

Would you support a five per-cent increase in collisions on our roads? Injuries to children? Deaths of parents? Workload in the trauma centres of local hospitals?

How about a five per-cent drop in the money a young adult puts into their retirement pension?

(3) If legislation is not going to be the great cultural revolution, then why are the Liberals so keen to introduce it? Why spend resources on something that, Bozinoff states, is going to have such a little impact?

On the other hand, if Bozinoff is wrong, what might a great cultural revolution open up, once more of us are smoking marijuana?