2016-01-01 Fri


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Here I am walking up Yonge Street towards the free lunchtime concert at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, and just north of Bloor Street I turn and see the new condominium on the south-east corner of Bloor and Yonge looming over the now-tiny Hudson bay building.

Yes, thereís the crane, visible through the fog/low cloud.

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Ten minutes later you canít see the crane; true, I am ten minutes walk further away and so visibility will be poorer at the greater distance.

Look again and spot the craneís bucket of concrete dangling off the hook!

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But look! We can see a cloud passing between us and the building, so this little cloud is lower than the top of the new condominium, right?

Toronto Transit Commission

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The Toronto Transit Commission has erected a new pedestrian barrier for the westbound stop at Bay and College. Are we to assume that this is meant to protect pedestrians?

The new steel railings extend all the way east to the yellow-painted concrete pylon.

If you descend from the rear doors (as you should) one option is to walk eastwards, walk ONTO the streetcar tracks to get around the yellow pylon, then dart between the cars, the way you used to do before the steel railings were extended.

That means that there is a greater chance that the cars have started moving forwards and you are dodging between moving vehicles.

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The alternative is to wait until ALL passengers have finished boarding at the front door so that you can squeeze between the streetcar and the railings and exit the platform and the westbound end.

But who is going to wait that long?

And who wants to be walking along the platform while the streetcar is in motion.

I know that a Good Passenger would wait calmly until all the vehicles have stopped or run away.

But we are human and we donít think that way.

And now that we are allowed to board at the rear doors, the platform is crowded with passengers desperate to get on at the rear doors.

The exiting passenger has nowhere to go, no way to turn!

The Toronto Transit Commission has once again tried to do our thinking for us, and once again has failed.